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I recently told a friend of mine — a single mom who works in the healthcare industry — that she should write a blog about her amazing life. Her response to me was, “It’d be the most boring blog in the world. I’m nothing special.” That’s a direct quote. Nothing special? She’s raising three kids on her own, works in an ER in a massive city hospital, speaks three languages, and she studied opera in college. If she’s not special, I don’t know who is.

Her response really surprised me, and it reminded me of someone from my past who was the flip side of the self-confidence coin.

In my early 20s, I was taking a class with an outrageously flamboyant teacher. She found her life so interesting and loved telling us wild stories of the minutiae of her day. She could probably tell a story about boiling water and make it…

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I Hear You, Gram

Writing 101: Day 9 – Reinvent the letter format


Dear Gram,

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm breeze on my face as it filters through the picture window of your cottage sun porch. I can hear the bloop-bloop of a sunny as it breaks through the lake surface trying to nibble on a bug. I can even see your rosy cheeks and animated, glistening eyes as you share a memory from your past.

I miss those days. A lot.

It’s unbelievable that it’s been nearly 40 years since we sat on your sun porch sipping lemonade and exchanging stories and almost 20 years since I felt your warm hand in mine. It may be a lifetime ago since you told me to “never apologize for being good at something” and “don’t ever give up on your dreams,” but your words still ring true in my ears.

Yes, those memories are still vivid; but even more than that, I hear you, Gram.

In my dreams. In my thoughts. In my actions.

The noise of life has often covered your whispers urging me to write. I so often put off this means of expression because I was too busy or too tired or too scared. Then, in a quiet moment, when I least expected it, I would hear your voice. Sometimes your words were carried on a breeze, sometimes in the rustle of the leaves or sometimes just thoughts in my head, but I always knew it was you telling me to “go for it.” Your question, “Darlin’, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” resonated time and again until I finally took the leap.

Two years ago, when I searched for a place to start, it wasn’t Google that answered my inquiry, it was you who opened the door to my future. Gram, I just wanted to thank you. You always told me that I had to carry on the storytelling tradition, and I think I’ve taken that to a level only you knew I could. I’ve never forgotten all your wise advice, and I’ll never stop listening.

Love you,


Blogger Recognition Award


So honored to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Pearly at:

Please make sure to visit her site. She’s an inspiration and always smiling! 🙂


1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. Write a post and give a brief story of how your blog started.

3. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.

4.Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

5.Let the nominees know you have nominated them and provide a link to the nomination details.

A Little About Me

I, too, am pretty new to blogging. I’ve been on WordPress for about a month now and have learned a lot in that short time. I’m an administrative assistant for the president of a home builder in western New York by day and a freelance writer at night. I’ve been freelancing for about two years for a content mill but have recently started to ramp-up my own business. I was introduced to WordPress by one of my clients who suggested that blogging was “my thing.” I think he’s right! 

My Advice to New Bloggers

There’s still so much for me to learn, but I’m determined to figure out the ins and outs of this format quickly. My advice to new bloggers is to sign up for the free Bloggers University classes as soon as you can. There’s tremendous insight into the process, and the information you gain from other bloggers in the community is amazing. That’s my second bit of advice – get involved in the community. Read other blogs and be sure to comment. I can’t tell you how excited I am whenever I receive a comment. My time is limited with work and family, but I think it’s important to check in regularly. Keep on blogging, and good things will come.

I nominate the following bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award:

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Congratulations and thanks again to Pearly!


Debbie Dey



It’s a real dilemma.

While foreign investment in the United States has generally been viewed as positive, a significant surge in international real estate purchases over the last few years has many people concerned. With international real estate transactions topping $104 billion or approximately 8 percent of total existing home sales dollar volume as of March, 2015, Americans are divided over the issue with each side presenting viable arguments for and against.

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Blogging201: Audit Your Brand Checklist + Video

While I’m not yet finished with Blogging 101 or Writing 101, I found this useful checklist that bears reblogging. Thanks to Mccallister Sculpture, I hope to make my site even better.

McCallister Sculpture

Blogging U. Featured by Blogging University: #Blogging201

From header to footer, does everything convey McCallister Sculpture? Here’s my brand audit checklist (SO to my wife who’s a marketing guru for getting me organized):

Feel free to use this for your own brand and let me know anything else you’d add!

  • Is my bio accurate and updated?
    • I noticed my “About Me” page was one of the most popular pages on my site for new visitors – you only make one first impression folks!
  • Are my color themes on brand/ complement my content?
  • Does my header/ banner font match what’s on my marketing material?
  • Is my logo prominently placed and recognizable?
    • If you don’t have…

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Hook ’em with a quote

Writing 101: Day 7

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

-George Elliot

This is the quote that kick-started my freelance writing career.

Writing, as I’ve stated time and again here, is in my blood. But, it’s only been the last couple years that I’ve actually pursued this passion. 

I was too afraid or too busy or too old…or that’s the way I used to think.

I started to dabble in the content marketing game in 2013. It was a way to test the waters, make a few cents a word and feel as if I was a writer. It was surprising to me that people would actually pay for simple articles or blogs that took just a little research and a few hours of my spare time.

I must admit my curiosity was piqued, but I still wasn’t sure I was truly capable of making it into a career.

Never one to back down from a challenge, that little voice in my head kept urging me to “go for it.” However, years of stifling that voice had become a habit that was really hard to break. “If only I had done this years ago,” I would argue with myself. “I’m already in my 50s. Who’s going to take my work serious this late in life?” These were my internal roadblocks to putting pen to paper and giving it a shot.

Then….the quote.

My friend had listened to all my rationalizations and excuses. As always, the poor thing had to endure my endless chatter about why I couldn’t or wouldn’t push through the self-doubt. No matter what encouraging words she used to challenge my position, I resisted.

Finally, she stopped talking and found the only thing that would help me finally see the light…


She was right, and I’ll be forever grateful!


Debbie Dey