I Write Because…

Writing 101: Assignment 1

I write because…

My tagline says it all, “Giving Your Vision A Voice.” And it starts with me.

I started writing like so many young girls – in my “private” journal. While I thought it gave my vision a voice in a safe environment, I’m sure my sister may have had a laugh or two at my expense. No matter. I continued to pour my heart out, hoping that by seeing the words on paper, I’d somehow find solutions to impossible problems, solace in insurmountable heartache and joy in achievement when no one else seemed to care.


As an adult revisiting my earlier passion, I find many of the same reasons still exist. My thoughts are less private when I share them through blogging, but somehow I trust that my followers will be gentle with their criticism.

While I am anxious to build this into a viable career, first and foremost, it’s about the writing. I’d like to use my gift to help others get their message out, share experiences so others can learn, and be the voice for those that need one.


Debbie Dey

Image Courtesy of  bugphai from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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