A Story In A Single Image

Writing 101: Day 4

Freedom tower with reflecting pool

September 11, 2001.

The day that changed our lives forever.

This image (and others from that day) evokes an angst in me like nothing else can.

Finding the right words to express the emotional rollercoaster inside me seems impossible; and yet, perhaps necessary to slowly close the wound that never has completely healed.

Please allow me to set these thoughts down in pieces rather than in prose. Connecting them now, even after all these years, is just too much.

Freedom. Blue skies. Deep breaths. Safe. Secure. Protected. Comfortable. Good. Hope. Everyday life. Normal.

Shock. Disbelief. Chaos. Turmoil. Horror. Evil. Fear. Anger. Despair. Death. Grief. Hurt. Silence. Broken.

Tears. Sadness. Unity. Compassion. Pride. Patriotism. Faith. Love. Strength. Determination. Survival. Heart.

Change. Suspicion. Distrust. Anxiety. Blame. Unrest. War. Discovery. Justice.

Contemplation. Acceptance. Remembrance. Rebirth. Awareness. Guarded. Changed. Never Forget. Still Free.


With deep admiration and appreciation for those who protect us every day,

Debbie Dey


9 thoughts on “A Story In A Single Image

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  2. Hi Debbie. It sure is a hard day every year isn’t it. I was living in your country before, during and after 9/11. Like most I can remember where I was at that precise time the attacks took place. Sheer disbelief. Horror. Every anniversary I stop to remember all lost, including a good friend who was lost in the first tower. That event changed the world as evil reached out and inflicted so much pain. I may be Australian, and I may now live 10000 miles away, but on every Sept 11, my connection to the land that gave me so many experiences, is strengthened. I miss my dear friends made during that time.

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  3. Kim, I’m sorry to hear that you lost someone special on that horrific day. While I didn’t personally have anyone perish in the Towers or elsewhere that day, the images and feelings will never leave me. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Somehow, out of tragedy comes compassion and friendships you would never have found otherwise.

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    1. That is a beautiful photo on this post. Have you been to see the new tower? Such an emotional place to go to I would imagine. You’re absolutely correct about the compassion and friendships that resulted. When I attended my friend’s funeral, I met people, total strangers to me, who included me like you would a family member. In their personal time of grief they extended the compassion to me. I’ll always remember that.

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      1. Kim, you’ll probably be surprised by this, but I’ve only been to NYC once for one day. It was in 2003, but I wasn’t able to get to Ground Zero. I would like to go back some day to visit the entire site. My nephew lives in Brooklyn now, so I should make a special effort to visit someday soon.

        Yes, that day brought our country together like no other. I’m often sad that people seem to forget what it was like and what it feels like to be “united” for a common cause. Sorry, kind of an emotional day. Don’t mean to be so melancholy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  4. Melancholy is fine. I’m enjoying our interactions, and it’s good that we both understand what happened on that day and what it meant for so many.
    I have been to NYC just twice – the first time, just a week before that fateful day. The second time, a month before I came home to Australia permanently in 2006. I love NYC with its characters and especially live Central Park – an oasis in a sea of buildings.


  5. Bev Galasso

    Hi Debbie,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My brother used to work in the Trade Towers. Thank God he wasn’t during that time. He still worked on Wall Street at that time but he was in Texas at that time on business. He watched everything unfold on the media. He was flight grounded for a week. He wanted to be with his family. Between him and his wife they knew and lost 11 loved ones.
    During that week I was also going through some horrible personal issues. My world around me was falling apart as well in my personal life.
    Lives forever changed…

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  6. Bev, thank you for sharing your story with me about that life-altering day. Yes, our lives are forever changed, but somehow we’ve become a little stronger too. Knowing that we’ve survived the worst of times and still can find joy in living is a wonderful gift. Keep on smiling! 🙂 Debbie


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