I Hear You, Gram

Writing 101: Day 9 – Reinvent the letter format


Dear Gram,

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm breeze on my face as it filters through the picture window of your cottage sun porch. I can hear the bloop-bloop of a sunny as it breaks through the lake surface trying to nibble on a bug. I can even see your rosy cheeks and animated, glistening eyes as you share a memory from your past.

I miss those days. A lot.

It’s unbelievable that it’s been nearly 40 years since we sat on your sun porch sipping lemonade and exchanging stories and almost 20 years since I felt your warm hand in mine. It may be a lifetime ago since you told me to “never apologize for being good at something” and “don’t ever give up on your dreams,” but your words still ring true in my ears.

Yes, those memories are still vivid; but even more than that, I hear you, Gram.

In my dreams. In my thoughts. In my actions.

The noise of life has often covered your whispers urging me to write. I so often put off this means of expression because I was too busy or too tired or too scared. Then, in a quiet moment, when I least expected it, I would hear your voice. Sometimes your words were carried on a breeze, sometimes in the rustle of the leaves or sometimes just thoughts in my head, but I always knew it was you telling me to “go for it.” Your question, “Darlin’, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” resonated time and again until I finally took the leap.

Two years ago, when I searched for a place to start, it wasn’t Google that answered my inquiry, it was you who opened the door to my future. Gram, I just wanted to thank you. You always told me that I had to carry on the storytelling tradition, and I think I’ve taken that to a level only you knew I could. I’ve never forgotten all your wise advice, and I’ll never stop listening.

Love you,



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