Zeroing in on Your Business Identity — What’s Your Positioning?


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Finding my identity as a freelance writer has been my biggest challenge. I “like” to write about a lot of different topics. However, sometimes I feel as if I “need” to write about products or services in order to fulfill a client’s requests and to earn money. What I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to do both. This post presents some insight into how to accomplish that by:

Zeroing in on Your Business Identity – What’s Your Positioning?

Take a look, follow the instructions, and let me know if it helped you more clearly determine who your real clients should be.

Your business needs to stake out a position in the marketplace — a unique spot that couldn’t be held by anyone else but you.

…the audience you serve is probably the most important, but it’s not the only element. You need to put yourself into the mix, too. Think about who you are, what you contribute, what qualities you bring, and who you do (and don’t) want to work with.

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