Love & Marriage: Forever is a Long Time


It was June 27, 1981 at around 6:45 p.m. My handsome husband and I had been married for about an hour. We had snuck away to our pre-paid hotel room for a few moments alone before our wedding reception started. As we gazed into each other’s eyes, the excitement of the day was mingled with something more…wild-eyed fear. We embraced for a brief moment and then simultaneously exclaimed, “What the hell did we just do?” I was 19 when I met my husband, Donnie. I was a tall, slim blonde that had inherited two distinguishing characteristics from my mom – her brains and her boobs (okay, so maybe that’s three things.) While I was smart enough to know that boys were attracted to me for my looks, I was hopeful that I’d find a man that would love me for my brains too. Surprisingly, my dad actually brought Donnie home that day. They worked together, and Dad had extended an invitation for him to go fishing at our cottage in Canada over the long, 4th of July weekend. Mom and Dad still own that summer resort on a beautiful, well-stocked lake. A couple weeks before, Donnie had missed a fishing […]

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5 Stupid Ways to Tick Off Your Assistant


You’ve made it!

You’re a successful VIP, an executive in a high-level position at a top-rated company, or maybe an entrepreneur.

You spend most days meeting with big-name clients or building relationships to acquire new ones. You’ve developed exceptional skills for putting together the best presentations and proposals to drive business and increase revenues.


But let me ask you a question?

Do you do this alone? Or do you have help?

Most accomplished executives I know have a trusted assistant by their side to quietly and unobtrusively make them look good. Exceptional ones are hard to find. And they’re even harder to keep. While you may have a long list of credentials proving otherwise, it’s quite possible you’re not as smart as you think if you’ve ever done any of these things and ticked off your assistant:

  1. Forgot your manners. Think about it, have you ever greeted your assistant by spouting out directions instead of “hello”? When was the last time you said “please” or “thank you”? Do you always use the intercom or have you been guilty of yelling her name out the door?  Simple gestures perhaps, but ignoring common courtesies can be insulting and demeaning. 
  2. Do-overs. Your assistant expects that some changes can’t be avoided, but don’t be one of those bosses who changes his mind about everything at the last minute. She may make the job look easy, but every task requires a significant amount of time and coordination. Whether it’s a plane reservation or a client proposal, throwing an offhanded do-over at her regularly is disrespectful and likely to tick her off.
  3. Keeping appointments waiting. As a busy executive, there are going to be many scheduling conflicts. Your assistant will spend countless hours attempting to organize your day efficiently and accurately. Every time you’re late, she’ll be put in the unenviable position of making excuses for you or start the process again in rescheduling.
  4. Micromanaging. In order for the partnership to operate efficiently, you must allow your assistant to complete the tasks assigned in the order and manner she sees fit. When you ask about the status of a project five minutes after you’ve given it to her, or worse, take care of it yourself, you’re saying you don’t trust her to do the job right. 
  5. Overuse technology. Advances in technology have blurred the lines between our business and personal lives. While you may pay your assistant to be available whenever you need her, she really won’t appreciate you texting her while she’s grocery shopping or putting her child to bed. Try to respect her personal time, and she’ll be more focused on handling whatever you need during business hours.


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Moon Boots

Such an inspirational post! I just had to share!


The moon was beautiful last night, and glorious this morning.

Full and beaming turned to gold soft light in the early hours and not for the first time in my life, I felt small. The moon is always on time, constant and present as it has been for years before me. It will continue on after I’m gone and that is humbling. I’m not sure why it struck me this morning, but it did.

I’m one of many, consequential only to those that know me, those I touch.

When I was younger, it seemed my life, my challenges and accomplishments, were epic. The moon was simply scenery. It was the backdrop for my story, my nights spent camping, cradling or worrying. The moon lit my first kiss, my first gondola ride, my first heartbreak. My life was center stage and the moon was great lighting.

How silly I was, and how patient the moon has been.

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Here Are 101 Marketing Time Management Strategies You Need To Know

Time Management

If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching for more time to write. I found this great article by Ben Sailer at CoSchedule Blog that provides some really great ideas.

Don’t panic when you see the title, “Here are 101 Marketing Time Management Strategies You Need to Know.” Even taking the time to read just a few of them will help you find  a few extra minutes tomorrow.

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Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Property Management Company

Stuart Miles 1

Check out my latest blog post at

Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Property Management Company

You’ll be amazed at how useful social media can be for property management (or in any business.)

How have you used social media in your business? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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5 Ways You Can Actually Be Sure of Blogging Success


Re-blog from Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging

Janice hits all the true points about blogging – why we blog, what we should be doing when we blog, and 5 Ways You Can Actually Be Sure of Blogging Success.

It’s well written and is a great tool for new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike. Take a look, and check back to share your thoughts.

Without even realizing it, I’d gotten myself all caught up in this crazy numbers game, when numbers aren’t even the real reason I started blogging. Before starting my blog, I’d been writing privately for literally decades and having a great time. Give me a dotcom, though, and suddenly I stink unless people are clicking ‘like’?

The lightning-bolt hit me in the midst of reassuring them that their blog is good and that numbers fluctuate, especially in the beginning while you’re finding your voice. It took someone else’s question to make me see that I just needed to be patient, give people time to find (and love!) me, and to keep in mind that I started blogging because I love to write.

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