Moon Boots

Such an inspirational post! I just had to share!


The moon was beautiful last night, and glorious this morning.

Full and beaming turned to gold soft light in the early hours and not for the first time in my life, I felt small. The moon is always on time, constant and present as it has been for years before me. It will continue on after I’m gone and that is humbling. I’m not sure why it struck me this morning, but it did.

I’m one of many, consequential only to those that know me, those I touch.

When I was younger, it seemed my life, my challenges and accomplishments, were epic. The moon was simply scenery. It was the backdrop for my story, my nights spent camping, cradling or worrying. The moon lit my first kiss, my first gondola ride, my first heartbreak. My life was center stage and the moon was great lighting.

How silly I was, and how patient the moon has been.

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