How to Stop Anyone From Constantly Interrupting You—Including Your Boss


Re-posted from Lisa B. Marshall of Quick and Dirty Tips

It’s important to learn the techniques for reducing interruptions, especially in business. This post gives some great ideas on how to accomplish it:

How to Stop Anyone From Constantly Interrupting You – Including Your Boss

Interrupting is a bad habit that needs correction, but depending on the reason, or the degree of relationship, it needs to be handled differently. As I talked about previously, some people interrupt because they’re direct, some because they’re creative, and some because they actually want to affirm you and be supportive. Some have just developed a bad habit, or feel they must assert themselves. And then there are the bullies.

Allow me to discuss a few different ways to stop someone who interrupts:

One way to address the behavior, a bit indirectly, is to simply let the person interrupt, then repeat again exactly what you started saying, in a polite, respectful tone. (Read: no sarcasm or anger!)

How do you handle those habitual “interrupters?” I’d love to hear your proven methods.

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