Why boys should read girl books


Re-blog from Caroline Paul at Ideas.Ted.com

The consequences of continuing the current trends of not allowing or encouraging boys to read girls books are terrifying. If you have boys in your life, help break the cycle – encourage them to read ALL books (especially those that open their minds to more than the small sample of life they’ve seen up to now.)

Why boys should read girl books

Then I heard a disturbing story, about a writer who had also written a book that featured girls. When she attended a school assembly to speak to the kids, she saw that many of the seats were empty. Boys, it turned out, had been excused from the program.

So girls are expected to read books about boys, and people of color are expected to read books about whites (and boys). No one thinks twice about whether we should attend the assembly. But boys are immediately excused.


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Image Courtesy of: Anna Perini


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