10 Ways You Can Create the Life of Your Dreams (For Beauty, Book, Travel Bloggers & More)

An excellent post that brings into focus those things we tend to forget.

Millionaire's Digest

1. Find your passion.

No matter who you are, the work you love is out there for you. If you’re still looking for your passion, ask yourself “What would I be willing to do without payment for 6 months?” Your answer will astound you. If you know what it is, then do it well and find a way to make it your career.

“Don’t follow the rules of society, but rather, what’s on your heart.”

2. Develop your vision.

Your ideal lifestyle is in direct proportion to the vision that you have of yourself in the future. Do you want a better lifestyle? You have to view it before you do it! What kind of vision do you have of your future? What are you willing to do today to make tomorrow a better day?

“If you can see it, you can be it!”

3. Be patient.

Life is a test of patience…

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