Not sure what to think about something? Good


This re-blog from Tom Roston at Ideas.Ted.Com definitely gives some food for thought. There is quite a balance between being bored with an idea and being so totally confused you move on.

Not sure what to think about something? Good

His main task has been to communicate ideas or brands in ways that prompt people to buy his clients’ products. So it might seem counterintuitive for him to advocate confounding his audience. But, of course, the answer is in the balance. After all, there’s a difference between stupefying people and engaging them. “The purpose of ambiguity is to make you question information,” he says. “Ambiguity initiates thought.”

As a freelance writer, I’ve always thought I needed to be concise and clear in all my writings to capture an audience. This post really made me look at things with a new perspective. What do you think? I’d love to have more conversation about this unique look at an old subject.

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