How Can I Build My Platform and Still Have Time to Freelance Write?


This re-blog from Elna Cain hits pretty close to home. I’ve been struggling for months trying to find the time to keep up with day job, freelance writing AND updating my blog regularly. For any of you who follow me, you’ll know that I’m failing miserably at the blogging updates. Trust me, it isn’t for a lack of desire.

Elna has some really interesting suggestions how to help “make time” for freelance writing. I’m definitely going to try out some of her ideas. What about you?

How Can I Build My Platform and Still Have Time to Freelance Write?

This is the question I ask myself every day.

As a freelance writer and now an entrepreneur (I’m going from mom to mompreneur) I’m suddenly faced with too little time and a growing list of personal projects I want to do on top of my client work.

For me, my time is very limited, yet I’ve found hacks or productive strategies to build my platform as an entrepreneur helping moms and freelancers and still write for my clients.

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