7 Freelance Writing Myths Exposed


Sadly, when you’re new to any business (especially freelance writing), it’s challenging to know just what to believe. I remember searching the internet five years ago wondering if I was good enough to write for money, committed enough to learn about my new career path, and savvy enough to avoid being scammed.

I’m here to tell you that if you’re just starting out and worrying about the same things I did, STOP!

Writing definitely takes time. Writing definitely takes diligence. Writing definitely takes commitment. But with the amount of information available on this very topic, you absolutely can earn money with your skills.

Take a look at this re-blog by Elvis Michael at Blogging Pro for some solid advice on the subject. Elvis uncovers so many of the myths that I bought into early on in my writing career. Take a short cut…understand what’s real and what’s not, and then jump right in!

7 Freelance Writing Myths Exposed

Freelance writing myths are a dangerous thing. They have the power to stop many from achieving greater success and prevent new freelance writers from even bothering in the first place. Let’s discuss some of the many, many false ideas and assumptions that plague the freelance writing world today.

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