How To Write Faster, Even If You Procrastinate


While I’ve spent many a late night wondering just how to do this, I still haven’t found the magic potion.

I’m intrigued by Julie Neidlinger’s post from CoSchedule Blog on the subject and am seriously going to try some of her suggestions. I’ve always considered myself a procrastinator, but I honestly recognize tendencies toward being a list-maker and a productivity-focused writer too. Julie provides tips for every style that I’m hoping will give me to boost I need to get more done. How about you?

 How To Write Faster, Even If You Procrastinate

Procrastination seems like such an ideal solution for creating a better today. Of course, that means the next day is rushed, stressful, and panic-ridden, so it’s not that great of a solution. Not every writer is a procrastinator, though. Some are very orderly and regimented. Some are super-focused on being productive. Whichever kind of writer you might be, you all have something in common: you’d like to be able to write faster.

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