11 Reasons People Bounce from Your Blog and Never Return


Finally…a clear listing of why people bounce from my blog. This post from Glen Long at SmartBlogger provides some great insight into what happens when people visit a blog.

I’ve always thought it was important to learn how to bring new people to my site, but it appears that it’s equally important to keep them there.

Check it out. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it interesting and won’t “bounce” away.

11 Reasons People Bounce from Your Blog and Never Return

…that’s what a bounce means to a blogger — rejection. It means someone showed up, checked you out, and didn’t like what they found.

Whether you know how many readers are bouncing or not, the signs are obvious. Low traffic, poor engagement, sluggish list growth. These are all the symptoms of a bouncy blog.

And while you can’t make your blog bounce-proof, you can at least make it bounce resistant.

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