4 Ways to Get Work Done After Hours

I’m the poster child for this issue. Working a full-time day job doesn’t leave a lot of time it energy to keep my freelance writing business running smoothly.

Try these tips for doing it all:


Creative Walking

Who knew? Well, I guess genius, Steve Jobs understood the benefits of walking and creativity.

I definitely want to try this to create my next post.


What do you do to come up with brilliant ideas?

A New Retirement Paradigm – The Encore Career

The new buzz words, “encore careers” are growing in popularity as seniors look for ways to fulfill their dreams.

This post from Forbes talks about encore careers. You’re not alone in your desire to do more.

It’s Never Too Late.


Working Past 70

While this post may seem a little disturbing, it can also reinforce the premise that seniors have plenty to contribute to the business world.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never took the chance?

It’s Never Too Late.

I chose to be a freelance writer and am having the time of my life.

What are you going to do?


Aging and Wisdom, The Perennial Years by D.G. Kaye

This post by D.G. Kaye gives a great new perspective on women and aging.

I love the term “perennial” and can’t wait to make it my new buzz word.


It’s Never Too Late.

Giving Your Vision a Voice.

Good People Doing Good Things — Seniors

There are a lot of good people in the world. When I read about these amazing seniors and the good work they are doing, I just had to share.

We can all make a difference.

It’s Never Too Late!


Giving Your Vision a Voice.

What Can Gen Y Teach Baby Boomers?

We baby boomers can absolutely learn a thing or two from this amazing younger generation.

Let’s not forget to throw a little mentoring their way too. There’s something to be said about life experience that also needs to be shared.

Take a look at Jim Taggart’s view on the subject. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.