Women Influencers in Data


We’ve known it all along…

Women rock in the business world, and these exceptional women have taken leadership to a new level. 

Take a look at this latest post from Forbes and take inspiration from these… 

Women Influencers in Data


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6 Things True Leaders Do

This is an interesting perspective as shared by the insightful writers at Millionaire’s Digest. As a solopreneur, I often forget what it’s like to lead a team. Delegating can be a difficult concept for those of us who like to take a hands-on approach to business. Take a look at some of the suggestions on how to

Take a look at some of the suggestions on how to become a true leader, and let me know if you’ve found other techniques that have helped you become successful.

Early in your career, your self-worth is frequently tied to individual accomplishments. You make your mark by being a doer and by delivering results. There are outputs you can point to with pride, and you’re able to leave at the end of the day feeling a sense of accomplishment. If you’re not already a true leader, […]

via 6 Things True Leaders Do (2 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest

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