5 Ways to Prove You’re an Office Superhero (When the Boss Is Out)


Okay, I’ve got a secret I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time now…

I’m an Office Superhero!

Take a look at my latest post at OfficeNinjas.com to find our just how I’m able to “leap tall buildings in a single bound, read minds with a passing glance, and manage an office when the boss is away.”

5 Ways to Prove You’re an Office Superhero (When the Boss Is Out)

Even as I struggled to learn the best techniques for keeping all those balls in the air, there was one thing that held me back from advancing—fear. As I perfected my craft and made the executives look good, the anonymity of my position became a security blanket that shielded me from criticism. At times, I yo-yo’d between anger at being underappreciated and pride at seeing just how far I’d progressed from that entry-level secretarial position.

Experience has taught me, and USA Today agrees, that “the EA could be the underappreciated career of the century.” This may be true, but it should never be used as an excuse to ignore your inner superhero.

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High-Achieving Women & Burnout


Burnout, especially when it relates to women, seems to be a growing problem. Somehow, we tend to believe we can, and should, do it all, but the consequences can be dire.

Take a look at this re-blogged post from Paula Davis Laack to see if you may be exhibiting signs of burnout. Take care of yourself. I’d love to hear your techniques for dealing with the stresses of balancing work and home.

High-Achieving Women & Burnout

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